Survival time: 69 months and counting

Hank was diagnosed July of 2015 and will celebrate 6 years of life with HSA in 2021!  Completely blessed to have all these extra years with him.  He had splenectomy and HSA had spread to 2 lymph nodes (1 was removed and the other was adhered to his abdominal wall, so it was left inside)  Pathology confirmed HSA of spleen and lymph.  His hobbies include eating home cooked meals and sitting in our front yard watching cars and people go by.  He is die a very, very old man, completely and utterly blessed by GOD!

Jamie Verell Goff

Gender:                          Male

Breed:                             Weimaraner

Weight:                           84-90 lbs

Type of cancer:              Splenic Hemangiosarcoma

Date of birth:                  Unknown, but we think he is at least 11 y/o now

Age at diagnosis:            at least 9 y/o 

Prognosis                         3 months without chemo/6 months with chemo

Survival time:                   69 months and counting

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