We are a group of dog owners (and lovers!) dedicated to building a community where we can share our support and hope; where each of us feel accepted and heard.

We are not veterinarians or canine/animal nutritionists. We are pet owners who have had a dog diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. We are all here to learn from each other and share what we have learned through this journey. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Shemara Lee

Max, Golden Retriever

Born & raised in Sri Lanka, Shemara now calls Australia home. After graduating from high school, she studied Applied Science. Then went onto do a degree in Microbiology and Food Technology. Her hobbies are gardening, listening to music, helping others, cooking and caring for two golden retrievers, Princess and Romeo.

Creator and owner of Hemangiosarcoma Diet & Supplement Protocols for dogs – A holistic Approach and K-9 Cancer Prevention. These days she is dedicating most of her free time into helping pet owners and their dogs.
Email me: tim.shem2005@yahoo.com

Jacqui Frost

Tia, Golden Retriever

Born in Australia Jacqui came to the US in 1983. A mother to 3 human sons, one fur son and 2 fur daughters. She also have 3 very big koi but don’t know if they are boys or girls😂 she is an avid gardener of both flowers and fruit and vegetables. For 3 years straight the best vegetable garden award in her county was awarded to her and also to her youngest son for his own garden. Graduated with gold seal from Hilton Sales and Marketing College in 2001. She lost her precious Tia (Golden ) in 2018 to HSA and stayed in this very special group hoping to help and give others some comfort on their HSA journey.

Zoë St Vrain

Caney, Boxer

From Woodstock, Georgia Zoe lives with her husband, two children and fawn boxer Callie (born 2020). Her previous white boxer, Caney, was diagnosed with dermal hemangiosarcoma at age 9, and survived another 15 months without surgery or chemotherapy thanks to the homemade diet and supplements outlined in the group.

Malinda DeSilva

Hannah, Golden retriever and Rottweiler mix

Malinda lives in Laguna Niguel, California with her two children. After losing Hannah over 3 years ago now, nutrition, natural healing and wellness has become her passion. She has always been passionate about animals and hopes to have a sanctuary one day.

Lisa Abdel-samed

Stryder, Lab mix

Lisa lives in Connecticut with her dog Kai and 2 cats Kirin and Aslan. She joined the team after her dog Stryder was diagnosed with Hsa that had metastasized to his bones. He lived another 9 months with the help of the group.

Mia Alaimo

Fred , Beagle

Mia is from Pennsylvania who loves nature and warm weather. She’s been a dog groomer for 42 years but recently cut back on grooming to a few days a week. Over the years she has enjoyed fostering dogs and also caring and fostering hospice cats for a local cat shelter. Animals play a very important part of her life. Her and her husband adopts seniors to give them a final home in their old age. Her favorite thing to do is taking the dogs for a walk in the woods and the reservoir.

Shelley Abel MacEwen

Morgan, Australian Shepherd

Shelley lives in Agoura Hills, California. She is owned by 2 rescue dogs and a large cat. Shelley has chosen to remain in this group as she firmly believe traditional veterinary care is unable to meet this cancer in a meaningful manner. She wants to help others navigate these treacherous waters. Professionally, Shelley is a family and animal law mediator. Have been in rescue 13 years with her local animal shelter.

Jenny Gould

Ava, German Shepard

From Bristol, England Jenny is a professional dog trainer who is mad about dog sports and absolutely love training, teaching and competing all over the UK. Her life long passion is German Shepherds. Is a raw feeder and reared all her dogs holistically for the last 25 years.

Fiona Carruthers

Hooch, Weimaraner

Living in the UK with her husband of 36 years, mother to a daughter, 2 rescue fur kids, rescue hens and a cat. Fiona has been a dog groomer for 18 years and previous to this worked at a brewery. Her passion has always been animals, wildlife and nature. Loves photography, crafts and gardening.

Fiona lost her precious Weimaraner Hooch who was diagnosed with this dreadful cancer in his heart. He never succumbed to it, but died almost 3 years later to another illness. She lost 2 previous Weimaraners to spleen Hemangiosarcoma. Fiona is here to help others going through this awful diagnosis.

Heidi Newell

Max, GSD mix (rescue)

Heidi lives in San Diego with her two rescue dogs. She sell vintage clothing online and work as a server to support her fur kids lavish lifestyle. They love the beach, tennis balls and cuddling with their mom. She truly is blessed.

Nicole Critten

Baxter, Golden Retriever

From British Columbia, Canada Nicole’s family includes two sons and her Mexican rescue dog. A lifelong animal lover, she stays in the group after losing her boy Baxter to help others facing this fight.

Nikki Mackenzie

Case, Boxer

Nikki is a Proud Canadian, farmer, eterinary assistant and artist. Animal rescue and rehab are her passions.

Jackie Mullen McGill

Bailey, Irish Setter

With degrees in social work and psychology Jackie had her own daycare business for 22 years and currently manages her rental real estate business. She’s been married for 41 years with 2 married daughters and 4 granddaughters. Her grand dog Evers is a Deutche Drahthaar who lives with her and my daughter’s family in IL.

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