After my Golden Retriever Max was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma (HSA) on the spleen back in June of 2015, I started researching on natural ways to heal cancer. He was only six years old when he underwent surgery to remove the tumour that was attached to his spleen. Once he was fully healed, I wasn’t given any options other than IV chemotherapy. 

13.04.09 – 26.03.18

Survival time after diagnosis: 33 ½ Months

In my heart I knew I did not want to put him through such invasive treatment. So I chose a much gentle approach which was holistic.

Shemara Lee, Owner

He made it to 33½ months post diagnosis. Not only did he survive past the prognosis of 1-3 months, he also lived a very happy life all those months. Few of his favourite things in the world were food, going for drives in the car and playing at the park. His journey has touched many pet owners and their dogs with a similar diagnosis all around the world.

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