Here is a list of supplements that are recommend for dogs with HSA. Because they are natural supplements, they do not require a prescription.

The two main ones we highly recommend with HSA are I’m-Yunity (Turkey tail mushroom) and Yunnan Baiyao. Adding only these two supplements will not be enough to fight HSA. So please go through our Facebook group files and see what other supplements you can incorporate into your dog’s diet to boost his or her immune system.

Although we are not veterinarians, we do have a science background. Information shared on this community is based on our personal experiences with our dogs and extensive research that we have done on hemangiosarcoma in dogs.  Please do not use content from this site in place of veterinarian care. 

If your dog has been recently diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma (HSA), you are welcome to come join us on Facebook for additional support or visit our online resources for further information.

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